Monday, April 24, 2017

More power points please

From the suggestion box:

Please get the power points fixed. Very frustrating when you have to try 8 power points before you get one that works. Also, more power points by big tables. 4 power points for 3 tables of 8 is not enough and there are tables with no power points anywhere near them.

Library response:

Thank you for your feedback.  Can you be more specific about the areas you feel require additional more power points?

In regards to certain power points not working, are you referring to the power points along the southern wall on the first floor? There are power distribution issues in this area that  are exacerbated when students connect devices that are not compatible; this trips all the power points along that row out. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence with the only solution being to have an electrician reset them.  We report this weekly so if you notice the power points are not working please report it to staff at the InfoHelp desk.

As you can understand the age of the building makes it difficult to add further infrastructure (i.e. additional power points) in certain areas.  When we create student spaces we do our best to ensure that furniture is situated near power points.

There are also lockers in the InfoCommons that have dedicated power and you can borrow mobile chargers for your laptop/phone at the InfoHelp Desk.

Please get back to us if you have any more suggestions.

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