Thursday, March 23, 2017

Designating the Second Floor of Mabo Library as a Food Free, Drinks with Lids only Area

Library suggestion box:

Food wrappers, food crumbs, and food and liquid residue, is found on computer desks/electronic/areas devices and in the individual and group study rooms. Bookshelves have food scraps left on them. There are associated strong smells. Noise from food consumption in the total silent areas. Ants regularly seen on desks. Food consumption appears to promote social conversation. Existing allocated cleaning regimes are not able to adequately address this problem. Therefore an equitable and achievable solution could be the one suggested above.

Library response:

Thank you for your feedback. We do empathise with your concerns and are investigating a number of ways to reduce food and noise in the library. As you can imagine the library is a high traffic area and this means that the facilities are often "well used". Staff regularly talk to students about the type of food they bring into the building and encourage them to use suitable areas including the additional outside seating and kitchenette which is available. We are working on finding other ways to encourage students to behave in a more community minded manner (and this includes thinking about appropriate signage and other methods which may be more effective).

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