Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Will JCU library expand it's databases?

From the suggestion box:

Whilst I do understand the need for certain finances and demands, I feel that the JCU library would benefit from expanding it's online resources and databases. In particular, by expanding the general fiction and non-fiction genres and connecting to databases such as BorrowBox and OverDrive fiction and non-fiction collections. Even connecting with programs such as those at QUT (http://libguides.library.qut.edu.au/az.php?s=4702), such as those where one can borrow from other university libraries if JCU does not have the resource one may be looking for. I really believe that if JCU could expand their library collection as a whole to include more resources of different medias from all sorts of genres, students may feel more inclined to use it not just for academics, but for every point of interest. The university of which I previously attended had a broad range of resources and databases which every student could access and which, as a whole, benefitted the library and the university in numerous ways. I may just be a young, far too up to date student but I'm most probably not the only one with this idea and I would only rave about it if such a expansion could be made to the JCU library. Thank you for your time in reading this and regards.

Library response:

You are correct that finances and the requirements to provide information resources for learning, teaching, and research requirements are the main drivers and highest priority when the Library makes decisions on purchasing online resources and databases. We do purchase a selection of general fiction and non-fiction each year although these are normally in print, as well as a selection of films.

When making purchase decision we also take into consideration online resources and databases that are already freely available from other sources. There are a number of resources available on open access or via national and state libraries which supplement the information resources the JCU Library provides directly.

One example is BorrowBox which is freely available to all Queensland residents through the local public library network. It is a straightforward process to register online to gain access to eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines. I have included the link to CityLibraries Townsville registration form, however let me know if you are not in Townsville and I can send you the link for your local library.


Thank you for your suggestion. We maintain a desiderata list of resources suggested for purchase and you can also send in requests using the Purchase Request form.

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