Tuesday, October 18, 2016

24 lab use as a lecture room

From the suggestion box:

I'm confused about the usage for 24-hour lab... a lecturer came and used 24-hour lab to do his lecture, the voice is just too loud because they are discussing their thing and i think it is very unfair for others who are doing assessments here. Why don't they have any spare room for their lectures?

Library response:

You are correct, the InfoCommons (24/7 area) in the Mabo Library is for student use.  It is connected though to the iLearning rooms (there are 3 of them) which are bookable teaching rooms.  These rooms are most often used for teaching purposed during normal business hours (Monday - Friday) although they can also be used for block subjects on the weekends. 

We have opened up the iLearning rooms for students to use when they are not booked. There is a timetable attached to each of these rooms indicating when they are booked so you will know when they are free.

Unfortunately they can often be in high demand.  During library opening hours the top floor of the library may be suitable to you if you want a silent space to study in.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Chat with a librarian: great experience

From the suggestion box:

I had a chat asking for help, and it was so quick and helpful Thank you

Library response:

Thank you for your positve feedback. We are glad you like the library chat service.