Monday, May 16, 2016

Student Behaviour

From the suggestion box:

The decision to remove the admin desk from the the 1st level was a mistake, and this should be acknowledged by the JCU library. People will tolerate the intolerable because they lose momentum if they rush downstairs to the usually busy admin area to complain. It is not good enough to suggest that the rovers are not there to police students. There needs to be a permanent presence of staff on the first floor so that students can quickly deal with issues. Plus there needs to be more signage. Every year now there are the usual problems with students bringing in coffee, takeaways etc. Please take these issues a little more seriously.

Library response:
Thank you for your feedback. The library ground floor renovation (in 2012) resulted in the relocation of the InfoHelp desk from the first floor to the ground floor. This decision has allowed us to make more space for students on the first floor.

You may be aware that the Library has been zoned to include a silent level (2nd floor), quiet conversation level (1st floor) and collaborative space (ground floor).  Also food is not encouraged on the upper floors of the library. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, this is difficult to enforce. However we are aware of the issues and we are continually working on strategies to counteract them.

We can't be in all places at all times but then again we never could. We always have relied on library users to help us understand how the spaces are being used and letting us know when there is an issue.

Unfortunately if we are not made aware of a problem we can't address it. Perhaps future refurbishments of the building will mitigate some of your concerns.

Associate Director, Information & Research Services

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