Monday, May 9, 2016

Is the library kitchenette a smoke-free zone?

From the suggestion box: 

Is the kitchenette outside the Townsville library a smoke-free zone? People have been smoking cigarettes in the kitchen area and the tables near-by and I am fairly sure that is against legislation. If it is a smoke-free zone could no smoking signs please be placed in the area so people are aware of the situation. Thank you.

Library response:
 Thank you for your feedback.  You are correct that according to Qld legislation the no-smoking area at non-residential building entrances is currently 4 metres and will extend to 5 metres in September 2016.  I've raised this issue with our Estates Office who are purchasing suitable signage for this area.  We've also alerted JCU Security to this issue.

Helen Hooper Associate Director Information and Research Services

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