Friday, May 13, 2016

Print Journal Display

From the Suggestion Box: 
The sudden near extinction of the journal display area I believe that it is a pity that for whatever reason, e.g. cost-cutting, presumed trendiness, etc. the library is rapidly ending subscriptions to many print journals. The journal display area is a fantastic way of getting students, academics and other visitors aware of the new knowledge that is coming out. Even if you don't want to hold on to the physical copies for longer than a few months, having a display journal area is an important part of the culture of any university library.

Library response:
Thank you for your feedback. The library ground floor renovation (2012) resulted in the move of the Newspapers, New Journals and New Books display to the Learning Commons area on the ground floor adjacent to Juliettes Cafe. The new display incorporates print material for newspapers, journals and books as well as posters advising staff and students of online resources. The original journal display stands have been retained on Level 1 because of their historic importance to the building as they were part of the original fit-out of the library. These stands are now used for casual reading material and other pamphlets, careers guidance brochures and other ephemeral material.

The library has not stopped purchasing journals in print format, we still have a number of subscriptions in place for various publications across a range of disciplines and schedules (annual to weekly). However we are finding that many journals are making the transition to online only.  Electronic subscriptions have the advantage of allowing 24/7 access by JCU staff and students across all campuses and modes of study, and meets the teaching and research needs of JCU more efficiently than print journals can. Our regular client surveys indicate that this preference is well supported and endorsed by JCU staff and students. Installing the Browzine App is one way that you can browse online content from your mobile device.

Also please note that journal titles are not cancelled without consultation or recommendation from the relevant Academy. It is also not our practice to throw out print journals after only a few months (see Collection Management Guidelines).

Helen Hooper Associate Director Information and Research Services

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