Friday, April 8, 2016

Air Conditioning

From the Suggestion Box:
Would it be possible to adjust the airconditioning in the library on cooler days? I understand the aircon is set higher to cool the building down on hot days but since the weather has been cooling down, plenty of people have started wearing jumpers (or at least this is the case on the top floor). This seems unnecessary and sometimes even with a jumper, it's still cold! Not a huge issue but just something to think about, because hopefully it would be easy to fix. Thanks for your time :)

Library Response:
Thank you for your feedback. The Mabo library air conditioning is affected by the outside temperature and the number of people in the building so when there are changes in temperature, throughout the year, it takes some time to adjust. Tweaking the system in one area of the building also tends to adversely affect another area of the library. We are aware that there are some problem spots on the second floor and will investigate further to see if some minor adjustments can be made.

Helen Hooper Associate Director Information and Research Services