Tuesday, March 1, 2016

People Talking on Phones

From the Suggestion Box:

On level 1 , people continue to make phone calls while in the partitioned computer booths. They must be unaware that they talk louder than everyone else and their voice booms over anyone chattering around them. It is really distracting and the Info Help Rovers do not tell them off, they just walk past. Is it possible for you to place signs in the partition or enforce that people do not make phone calls while sitting in the booth? Or answer them and continue to talk without walking to a closed-door room or outside?
Library Response:

Thank you for your feedback. The primary role of the InfoHelp Rovers is to provide first tier IT support to students.
The Library encourages students to show respect to each other and our InfoHelp Desk staff are available to assist with noise issues if required. Level 2 is a designated silent zone so that can sometimes be a better area for studying.

Kate Wanchap
Manager, Cairns Campus Library

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