Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Silent Area Computers

From the Suggestion Box:

More silent area computer area please. Starting the day with rushing to uni in order to get a computer in the silent area is not ideal. Not only are the full by 9.30 am but people have started to place items on desks in order to save them for others. With the number of students needing a computerised silent space to study it would be in the universities best interest to provide more. thank you

Library Response:

Thank you for your suggestion and feedback. Creating more space for student use, including space on Level 2, is one of the Cairns Library's priorities for 2016. In the meantime please see the staff at InfoHelp if you believe the computers are being "saved" for others with items being placed on the desks. Restricting access or use of the Library by leaving personal belongings on Library furniture is specifically not allowed under 2.3.3 of the Library Use Policy. Library staff will act on your behalf to ensure compliance with the conditions of use of the library facilities, and will also be checking on and actioning this type of activity in general.

Kate Wanchap
Manager, Cairns Campus Library

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