Saturday, March 28, 2015

InfoCommons facilities

From the Suggestion Box:

Please fix the "free coffee machine." It is always out of order which is extremely frustrating!


The hot drink services at the library are simply not good enough. The free coffee machine doesn't work 90%, I think I've been able to get one coffee out of the countless times I've come to the library to study. Also, nearly all of the options for that machine have milk in them, which I and a lot of others cannot have due to being lactose intolerant.A cup pf tea isn't even available without milk being already added. At the very least, there should be hot water available 24/7 so that we can make our own cup of tea or coffee. I don't think that providing hot water is too much to ask for. Even if tea and sachets of coffee are not provided, I know everyone would appreciate hot water being available to make their own. A microwave would also be extremely helpful. Also, on several occasions the bins in the major walk-ways of the library have been overflowing with rubbish which smells and looks very untidy. Please make our library a much more convenient and enjoyable place to study!!

Library Response:

Thank you for your feedback.  The Vending machines (including the coffee machine) in the Mabo Library InfoCommons are the responsibility of the JCU Student Association.  We have been in touch with the JCU Student Association and the Vendor in the past in regards to this particular vending machine but unfortunately it continues to break down on a regular basis. I am meeting with representatives from the Student Association this week to put a strategy into place for an improvement of this service.

The library and the Student Association are also keen to provide better kitchenette amenities to students for after hours use. This is something that we continue to progress through the appropriate channels. 

We also have regular meetings with Estates and JCU Cleaning contractors to provide the best possible cleaning solution for the library including high usage areas like the Library Street and the 24/7 InfoCommons.  The Library Charter asks that patrons: deposit rubbish in bins; and respect library facilities, equipment, collections, furniture and property and we hope that students take this seriously and do not leave their rubbish in the Library but place it in the bins provided.   

Helen Hooper
Association Director - Information & Research Services

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