Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Printing Facilities

From the Suggestion Box:

I have been directed to this page to provide feedback on library services. My feedback is in relation to printing facilities at JCU library building Townsville. There are not enough printers in the library. students stand in queues waiting. Can the library person who controls the finance find extra money to purchase (or hire) another printer? Thank you.

Library Response:

Thank you for your feedback. The decision as to the quantity and location of MFD printers is not the within the library’s scope. However all printer usage is monitored by JCU’s service provider and recommendations made on their utilization are passed to the relevant department. I have forwarded your suggestion to Information & Communications Technology staff, they will review the usage in the Eddie Koiki Mabo library and see if it is exceeding acceptable levels. Are you aware that you can release a print job from any of the student printers across campus, not just from the location you submitted the print job from? It is also my understanding that your print jobs will stay in the queue for up to 12 hours. The first few weeks of the semester are always an extremely busy time with many students printing large quantities of material, this is also likely to level out in the next few weeks. Don’t forget that if you need urgent printing assistance to meet a deadline, staff at the InfoHelp Desk are able to assistance.

Helen Hooper
Associate Director - Information & Research Services

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