Friday, September 19, 2014

Ilearning Rooms open after hours

From the feedback box

Hi there Have experienced that the after hours ilearning room has been very busy lately and probably will continue to do, it would be great to be able to stay in the other ilearning room after 10:30pm
The library after hours is becoming increasingly popular and it is no longer possible to easily get a place to work. With the number of people its also difficult to have quiet. It would be beneficial if all the iLearning rooms (or at least the ones accessible from the after hours area) were open so people could spread out more.
It would be beneficial to have all the ilearning rooms available after hours as the 24 hour section is getting quite popular after 10pm.

Library Response

Thank you for your suggestions.  It was always our plan to open the iLearning rooms for extended hours closer to exams.  As of the 24th September 2014 all three iLearning rooms will remain open when the library closes at 10.30pm. Please note that iLearning 3 is a silent study space while iLearning 1 and iLearning2 are for quiet study.  

Kind regards
Helen Hooper
Associate Director Information and Research Services

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