Friday, September 5, 2014

Amenities in 24x7 InfoCommons

From the Feedback Box

Could we please get a microwave and kettle as a minimum and better still a fridge for the after hours library area. All the cafes close at 5pm, and relying on vending machines or take out for food is not only unhealthy, it's expensive, inconvenient (to commute to nearest take-out venue) and time consuming. Having a brew area would allow people to have a green tea etc, and allow people to maintain and/or establish a eating healthy regime while studying long hours into the night. At the moment it is obvious students are relying on junk-food and sugar to sustain them, and recent research is further unveiling how detrimental this could be to our immediate and long-term, physical and mental health. Also having a fridge would allow students to not have to consume all 4 sushi rolls in one sitting and not risk food poisoning should they decide to wait and eat them several hours later. While having a fridge may pose some housekeeping issues, identifying rules and penalties early may prevent problems. Better still allocating one volunteer each week (with food reward incentive) may also prevent any housekeeping issues.

Library Response 
Thank you for your feedback. We have just conducted a survey in regards to the 24x7 InfoCommons space and will add your feedback to the comments for further analysis. It is difficult to get the right balance of amenities to suit all students using this space after hours. Maintenance and cleanliness of this space is already difficult to manage. For this reason it is not feasible to place a microwave or fridge in this area. The Student Association is responsible for vending machine contracts on campus so I have forwarded this information to them. Woolworths is now open campus until 9pm on weeknights. They have a variety of hot and cold food options that may be more suitable to your needs.

Kind regards
Helen Helen Hooper
Associate Director Information and Research Services

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