Friday, August 29, 2014

Noise in the silent study zone

From the feedback box

Second floor of library is occasionally still quite noisy. E.g. phones ringing, people playing videos, people having discussions. Is there any way this could be monitored from time to time?

Library response
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback to the library. It is always very difficult to monitor this situation and typically when students see staff they tend to go back to silent study. Updated and clear signage is now evident on all floors of the library indicating particular zones. However I will remind staff to have a much higher presence on the top floor. Please feel free to report any disturbances to staff at the InfoHelp desk on the ground floor of the library.

Kind regards

Helen Hooper Acting Associate Director Information and Research Services

Friday, August 1, 2014

Book purchase request

From the feedback box
The book "Scientific Writing=Thinking in Words" by David Lindsay (Call No. 808.0665 LIN) is recommended by the subject co-ordinator and lecturer of MB3210. Tropicat shows 2 copies. There are 7 people (including me) in the queue for these 2 copies. Can the library purchase more copies? Thank you.

Library response

Thank you for taking the time to send us the suggestion. When checking the Library catalogue I noticed that this title is also available as an ebook, in addition to the 2 copies available in Townsville and Cains Library collections. When there is an ebook available the Library does not usually purchase additional hard copies. The number of copies of prescribed or recommended textbooks purchased by the Library is determined by the Prescribed and Recommended Textbook Guidelines. I have included the relevant section below.
The Library will normally purchase at least one print copy of the prescribed textbook according to a formula based on student enrolment numbers (not EFTSLs) as reported on the University’s student statistics database for each subject.
1.1.1 The following formula is used:
  • 1 copy per subject / per campus / for every forty students normally up to a limit of 7 copies.
To assist you and the other students wanting to borrow this title, library staff have recalled the two copies which were out on extended loan. This means the current borrowers have a week to return the items and then they will be available for those students at the top of the holds queue. At this point in time there are 3 holds on the particular title. If you need to access the material before your hold request is filled I suggest you access the ebook version.

Kate Elder, Manager Campus Client Services: Library and Information Services : Library James Cook University, Cairns, QLD 4870