Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Noise in Silent study zone

From the feedback box

I am finding the copier located in the "Total Silence Zone" on the 2nd floor of the library quite distracting. If there is to be a silent zone in a library, it seems that a loud photocopy machine located in the middle of things is an oversight. Not only is it used frequently, but must be serviced by staff on a regular basis, adding unnecessary traffic and noise to an otherwise "totally silent" area. I suggest to move the location of the copier to a non-total-silence-area, perhaps down on the 1st floor, so that I and other students may be better able to concentrate on complex tasks that require intense and sustained focus. 

Library response
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback to the Library. I am sorry to hear that you are being disrupted by the noise of the printer/photocopier on the 2nd floor. Printers are co-located near the computer clusters on the top floor of the Mabo library for student convenience. Unfortunately ambient noise is a by-product of areas like computer clusters; we have tried to minimised this as much as possible.

Are you aware that there are some private study booths and study cubicles on the top floor not near the computers that would prove much quieter for you? These do not have computers but they have been located next to power points if you happen to have your own laptop/device. We do monitor printer usage on campus and if usage declines on the 2nd floor we can review the placement of printers in this area.

Kind regards
Helen Hooper

Acting Associate Director Information & Research Services

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