Thursday, June 19, 2014

Noise in the silent study zone

From the feedback box

Silent zones in the library need to be monitored. In my 3 years at JCU I have not once seen it monitored and almost every time I goto the library there's someone talking in the silent zone. It's a joke. Other universities have a text system you text the library and someone comes up and silences the noise makers. That's a university which caters for the learning needs of it's students. JCU IS A JOKE when it comes to this there are no silent zones as far as I'm concerned. Pick up your game JCU.

Library response

I am sorry to hear that you are being interrupted by conversations in the silent study zone on the top floor of the Library building. If this occurs again please alert Library staff located on the ground floor and we will remind the students in question that it is a silent study zone.  Please be aware that Library staff do regularly monitor the top floor of the building, and report to me that the area is quiet in their experience.
The suggestion of a text messaging system to communicate with Library staff is interesting and certainly worth investigating as an option for the JCU Library.  Currently we do have a chat service available as an option for contacting Library staff, just follow the link on the Library and Computing Services home page. 

kind regards
Kate Elder Manager Campus Client Services: Library and Information Services : Library James Cook University, Cairns, QLD 4870 

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