Monday, January 13, 2014

Library catalogue

From the Feedback box :

It's not a huge issue, but I don't think that the summary given for this book is the right one!!horizonview=subscriptionsummaryuri=full=3100001~!787193~!1ri=1aspect=basic_searchmenu=searchipp=20spp=20staffonly=term=ariel+sallehindex=.GWuindex=aspect=basic_searchmenu=searchri=1

Library response:

Hello Sam 
Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback, it is always very useful for us to receive.

Clearly something strange has happened to this particular record in the catalogue. I have passed the information on to the relevant staff who will fix the record on their return from leave.
Kind regards

Kate Elder Manager Campus Client Services: Library and Information Services : Library James Cook University, Cairns, QLD 4870