Friday, September 13, 2013

Improved WiFi coverage in the library

From the Suggestion Box:

Better Wifi coverage for the library. On the first floor, almost none of the individual study desks have reliable wifi connectivity. I am posting this from the eastern group study area and I have had my wifi drop out three times in as many minutes. Similarly, on the second floor, only the central study desks and the areas near the computers have reliable wifi - around the edges wifi is blocked by the metal bookcases. I understand it is tough to blanket an area that is full of metal with wifi, but I feel that it would only take a handful of additional APs to cover these areas.

Library Response:
Thank you for your feedback which I have forwarded to our IT team.
They have confirmed that both the Cairns and Townsville Libraries are on a high priority list for more WiFi access points this year.


Kim Lewin  Associate Director Information and Research Services : Library and Information Services : Eddie Koiki Mabo Library  James Cook University, Townsville, QLD 4811

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