Friday, August 9, 2013

Silent Zone

From the Suggestion box: 

To whom it may concern, Please, please, please, could you check that the silent in the silent zone is respected? For some students the library is the only place where we can study and some of us do need silent zones. However many people do not respect that in the second floor and spend several hours speaking with other students or even on the phone. I personally tried to tell them something but it seems that things do not change. So again, please, be sure that silent is respected in the silent zone. Thank you

 Library Response: 

The second floor in the library has only recently been designated for silent and individual study. We have changed the furniture on the floor so there are no group study spaces (except for the group study rooms), and placed appropriate signage around the space alerting students that the floor is now for silent study. While we do our best to ensure students are in the right space for their study requirements sometimes it is a case of students being unaware of the designated space they are in. Library staff are regularly wandering around the space and they do address excessive noise issues. Please feel free to approach a library staff member if you are having issues with library space.

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