Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Facilities usage

From the Suggestion box:

There are constant calls for students to respect peoples cultures and their beliefs etc. Higher education comes after you have mastered the ABCs. Respecting our facilities in highlight the toilets we should be treating properly the basic facilities provided for sanitation. I suggest posting a statement of this nature on all toilet doors to help prevent users not following the simple first rules of toilet management.

Library response: 

Thank you for your suggestion.We will follow it up with appropriate office who looks after the university’s buildings and facilities.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Student Bulletin Board

From the suggestion box:

Just wondering where the bulletin board disappeared to on the first floor of the library. I wanted to hang up a poster about an upcoming Film festival on oceans. Where are we allowed to post things that would be of interest to the library community? Thank you!

Library Response:

We are currently rearranging a lot of our furniture on the first and second floors, and as part of the changes we have removed the free-standing notice boards. We are expecting a fixed notice board to be attached to one of the walls in the area, which will be available for advertising events and clubs. We are trying to encourage advertisements for things like items for sale and rooms for let to go digital on You can also use the site to advertise events.