Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Noise in the Library

From the Suggestion box: 

 Is there any way that library staff can monitor the behaviour of inconsiderate students that make it a point to disrupt the freedoms and rights of other students who actually want to study after hours? Is that not the point of paying and studying for a degree? Bad experience tonight in the library from 7.30-10pm with a bunch of students that were being overly disruptive - swearing, laughing loudly, telling jokes, making phone calls and skyping. When a staff member came past - the students 'coincidently' quiet. Then when not supervised returned to the overly disruptive behaviour. I am all for conversations and discussions at the library in certain zones - but this type of behaviour in a talking zone was overly disruptive to the rights and freedoms of other students. What is the security and management of this type if behavior? Are there any standards of what is acceptable and what is not? There is no point having extended hours at the library for students who need to study. Especially when students put in the extra time and effort are then sabotaged by students who act they are in the pub. Disappointed that there seems to be a lack of standard or a code of conduct that enforces acceptable behaviour as in other public establishments.

Library Response:

The library space works on a tiered approach when it comes to silent study. The ground floor is a collaborative space with supports and encourages collaboration, the first floor study spaces support individual and group work and noise should be minimal, and the second floor is to be used for silent study. However we appreciate that library staff are not always available to police the space to ensure that students are using it for the purpose it was intended. As a response to feedback from students:
  • more signs will be strategically placed to ensure users are aware of how library spaces should be utilised
  • an inventory of group work style furniture will be undertaken to ensure it is located in areas that support and encourage group work
  • library staff will be more active in student spaces 
The library also has a Client Services Charter which can be accessed via our webpage @ http://www-public.jcu.edu.au/libcomp/library/policies/JCUPRD1_071896.

Thank you for your feedback, and the library staff will continue to work with students to ensure we meet user needs and expectations.

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