Friday, November 16, 2012

Noise in 24x7 InfoCommons

From the Suggestion Box:

Having recently discovered there is a 24 hour study room in the library I was thrilled! It made perfect sense during exam study vac and also exam period. I understand there is only the one 24 hour access study room. However, the problem with this room is the downright rude, inconsiderate and selfish people who fill that room with no intention of doing any study - they are there to socialise LOUDLY. As a single parent, I had to move heaven and earth to get babysitters so I could come to the library to study uninterrupted afterhours in peace, only to be faced with being in an environment not unlike a pub atmosphere. I do not hold these people accountable, I get that studying brings people closer, I really do. What I don't understand is there is no policy of respect for others, or any policy on the purpose of the room. After hours, there is no option for those wishing to actually studying, to get up and go to another area. There is no other area! Surely, it makes sense that this room should be for quiet study???? I'm not suggesting complete silence, just reasonably quiet. On a number of occasions, I watched some other frustrated students politely ask the noisy ones to please be quiet - only to be laughed at and the volume increase. Others like myself, got up and left, as it was impossible to concentrate with the racket. Study forsaken. How about 2 after hours rooms? One for quiet study, and one for chatty study groups? There ought to be a policy surrounding student conduct however in both rooms.

I just posted a comment about noise in the 24 hour library. I forgot to mention, I would like an online response to this please. For 2 reasons: 1) to know its been acknowledged, and 2) for others' benefit, as I believe many would not bother to provide feedback, but are equally disappointed as I am. Furthermore, I mentioned there appears no policy on the use of this room, I've had another look and definitely cannot see any policy whatsoever. Please advise, Thank you.

Library Response:
Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that your use of the Information Commons was not productive on this occasion. Security staff from the University visit the room after hours as part of their campus patrol. As part of visiting the space they check for unruly behaviour and anything else that appears amiss. I have checked with Security staff and their reports are not highlighting any issues with the space. II think we can assume that student behaviour may change when security is present. I am meeting with the Library Director and also Security staff in the coming weeks to highlight the issues as you have described in your feedback and see how these issues can be addressed so that the space is a productive environment for all.

The library also has a Client Services Charter which can be accessed via our webpage at 

Kind Regards
Kim Lewin
Associate Director Information and Research Services

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Anonymous said...

Hi I have read this post and feel for the person posting. I too agree this room is often loud. During exam study vac I witnessed very loud behaviour quite often. It seems contrary to its purpose of an after hours study room.
I read the link you posted for the service charter. I'm afraid that is not a policy. You really should consider developing a room user policy. Secondly make it visible to all users, otherwise its pointless.