Friday, November 16, 2012

Facilities in the Library

From the Suggestion Box:

It would be appreciated if there was a place for students to access boiling water for noodles or microwaves to heat up food on the weekend. Either at the library or keeping the refect seating area open on weekends, but that would be a walk and I don't really want to leave my laptop unattended.

Library Response:

Thank you for your feedback. Currently on the Townsville campus the Refectory has a microwave that students can utilise. The Refectory is open 7.30-4.00pm during the semester. I have been in contact with the Student Association in regard to your request for access to these type of facilities after hours, including weekends. They will have some discussions in regards to your request and then get back to me with the outcome which I will forward to you. The 24/7 Information Commons in the Library has been fitted out with a variety of vending machines, including cold drinks, hot drinks and snack food, to accommodate the needs of student after hours. You will also find lockers in the Information Commons which students can use for a four hour period free of charge. These lockers are fitted out with power so that students can also utilise the lockers to recharge their mobile devices. I will be in contact again once I have a response from the Student Association.

Kind Regards
Kim Lewin
Associate Director Information and Research Services 

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I would love to see that too. May I say the library response appears to have totally missed the point of the post, and reads as somewhat condescending. I'm sure the original poster can see there are giant black noisy machines in the room that dispense packaged junk food when you insert a lot of money. Some students cannot afford vending machine prices, so they eat cheap 2 minute noodles instead, or byo tea/coffee. Yet the librarian response is to refer them back to the vending machines. Way to go "listening", not!
Also I wonder if you are aware that the hot drink machine has been out of order for months? Not that it makes any difference as its still vending machine prices. compared to BYO supplies to make a cuppa, is hugely unaffordable to many students. Library staff, you need to really listen and be sensitive to the needs of your users.