Thursday, July 19, 2012

Library Signage

From the Suggestion Box:

Sorry, but I also find the new library sign at the southern entrance almost impossible to read even when I know what it says. Not only that, but its positioning so far out from the building itself means most people approaching that entrance, especially from the carpark, won't actually see it, or won't realise it is a sign because they'll be on the footpath passing behind it. Surely the whole point of a sign is that a) it is obvious from whichever direction you are approaching and b) its message, whether that is the name of a building or a specific direction, should be patently clear, not cryptic. You should not have to wander off the clearly defined path to find the sign and then have to twist your neck into contortions in order to read it. Nor, with all due respect to Capt James Cook, should you have to circumnavigate the building to find a sign that is both obvious and legible. Seems what we need now is a sign directing us to "the sign" and another sign interpreting what "the sign" says. Curiouser and curiouser.

Library Response:

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

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