Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Library Signage

From the Suggestion Box:
While walking past the southern facing entrance of library I noticed the board that read "@#$%@#$EDDIEKOIKIMABO" when crossing the library from EAST to WEST and while from WEST to EAST read "LIBRARY!@#$%^*!@#$%^". All that I want to say is that the word EDDIE KOIKI MABO LIBRARY is not read completely from any side. More over the spacing between the words is also not sufficient. Just to illustrate read the following: "JUSTTOILLUSTRATEREADTHEFOLLOWING".

All I want to say is that though it might have been done with an aesthetic view but being a student of JCU I do not find it very impressive piece of aesthetic work. Thanks

Library Response:
Thanks for your opinion. The new southern totem is in accordance with the University’s way-finding scheme of directional and informative signage. However we recognise that it may not appeal to everyone and as such we have a more traditional linear sign at the northern entry.