Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Speech Pathology Resources

From the Suggestion Box:

To purchase up to date Speech Pathology text books as many of them are out of date by up to 40 years! We students, need to reference books not more than 10 years old. Thanks.

Library Response

It is hard to discern from your message, what you were specifically looking for concerning Speech Pathology for your assignments, but you are correct we do have some older material in our collection about Speech Pathology for a historical comparison to what happened in the discipline in the past and what happens today, but the vast majority of the print material we have on general Speech pathology is within the last ten years. There are also many ebooks that we have recently purchased (and that number is growing) that you can use on Speech Pathology. We would suggest you contact you Faculty Librarian, Stephen Anderson and make an appointment with him and he can show you how to access these resources. If what you are looking for is a specialised area within Speech Pathology and not the general field and there are gaps in the collection you can discuss with him what is needed and material can be purchased

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