Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facilities on Campus

From the Suggestion Box:

Hi guys, as the coffee carts and refectory are all closed by 5pm or earlier and do not open for the weekends, it would be really nice if there was a little corner in the library with an accessible microwave and a water boiler for long hours of study. It is a bit frustrating that there is no place to get a nice cup of coffee after a long day of uni. Thank you!

Library Response:

Thank you for your email. Your suggestion is a valid one, as the Townsville campus has a number of great places to eat (see the following web page for further details http://www.jcu.edu.au/student/moving/JCUDEV_015758.html) but as you have pointed out none of these are open after 5pm.With the redevelopment of the Mabo Library we do have space for a café that hopefully will be opened in the future. The new 24hr Information Commons, due to open at the end of June 2012, will also include some vending machines so that you can purchase drinks and snacks. We have also suggested to the Estates Office that a microwave be located in the covered area just outside of the Information Commons. Hopefully all of this will provide the refreshment required to sustain your study in the Library! 

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