Thursday, May 31, 2012


From the Suggestion Box: 
On the Library main page I cannot find Tropicat. Where and why have you hidden it? It seriously wastes my time!

Library Response: 

The Library launched a refreshed home page on 6 February 2012. The site was redeveloped after consultation and testing with JCU students. The home page uses less library terms  and has been designed to reflect four goals:
  1. Find knowledge and  academic resources (e.g. article, book or other library resource)
  2. Learn how to acquire an information skill (e.g. referencing)
  3. Connect to ICT resources and services (e.g.  mobiles )
  4. About the Library - who we are, what we do and how we can help you
You can search Tropicat directly by clicking Books, DVDs & more under the Find option.

The search box on the Library and Computing home page now searches One Search, the JCU Library's 'discovery layer'. We've labelled it 'Start Here' so that new clients will not have to ponder whether to search Tropicat, LibGuides, eJournals, databases or Research Online.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Library Opening Hours

From the Suggestion Box:
 I just wondering if during the weekends the library can be opened as the week days.

Library Response:

The Mabo Library is open from 10am – 5pm on weekends during semester. During exam period we also provide for extended hours, opening till 10:30 pm on Friday evening and are open on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee holiday from 1-5pm. You can check our current opening hours from this link.

The new Information Commons is expected to open at the Mabo Library at the end of June and will provide 24 hour study space for students via JCU ID swipe card access.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facilities on Campus

From the Suggestion Box:

Hi guys, as the coffee carts and refectory are all closed by 5pm or earlier and do not open for the weekends, it would be really nice if there was a little corner in the library with an accessible microwave and a water boiler for long hours of study. It is a bit frustrating that there is no place to get a nice cup of coffee after a long day of uni. Thank you!

Library Response:

Thank you for your email. Your suggestion is a valid one, as the Townsville campus has a number of great places to eat (see the following web page for further details but as you have pointed out none of these are open after 5pm.With the redevelopment of the Mabo Library we do have space for a café that hopefully will be opened in the future. The new 24hr Information Commons, due to open at the end of June 2012, will also include some vending machines so that you can purchase drinks and snacks. We have also suggested to the Estates Office that a microwave be located in the covered area just outside of the Information Commons. Hopefully all of this will provide the refreshment required to sustain your study in the Library! 

Print vs eBooks

From the Suggestion Box:
 More hard copy printed books rather than ebooks

Library Response:

The usage statistics are showing that many users prefer ebooks as they are available at all the JCU campus locations, and can also be accessed online from off-campus. The Library continues to add new print books to the collection and we try to have a good collection of new books in both print and electronic formats. Please use the Suggest a Purchase form to request new books that for the Library collection. The form has the option to request a print copy or an ebook.

Ordering books

From the Suggestion Box:

Could you make your website more user friendly. In particular trying to find where to order a book is extremely difficult.

Library Response:

Thank you for the feedback about the Library’s website. We have recently made some changes to the website, and are continuing to review the layout and links to make it more user friendly. We have added a link to the Suggest a Purchase form from the News and Suggestions button tab on the Library and Computing home page. I hope this makes it easier to find the link to order a book.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Speech Pathology Resources

From the Suggestion Box:

To purchase up to date Speech Pathology text books as many of them are out of date by up to 40 years! We students, need to reference books not more than 10 years old. Thanks.

Library Response

It is hard to discern from your message, what you were specifically looking for concerning Speech Pathology for your assignments, but you are correct we do have some older material in our collection about Speech Pathology for a historical comparison to what happened in the discipline in the past and what happens today, but the vast majority of the print material we have on general Speech pathology is within the last ten years. There are also many ebooks that we have recently purchased (and that number is growing) that you can use on Speech Pathology. We would suggest you contact you Faculty Librarian, Stephen Anderson and make an appointment with him and he can show you how to access these resources. If what you are looking for is a specialised area within Speech Pathology and not the general field and there are gaps in the collection you can discuss with him what is needed and material can be purchased