Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Power Points

From the Suggestion box:

Power points that don't work fix now! Stretching cords across aisles- if library does not want this to happen see above. If the library wants students to use the areas where power points work then please ensure that staff monitor noise levels. Studying near some areas is impossible due to other students treating the library as a socialising opportunity. Libraries are for studying, not for socialising. Until the above points are addressed I will continue to run my power cord across aisles so I am able to study in a quiet area.

 Library Response:

 In regard to library spaces currently the library allows students to self monitor use of space and this can include asking other students to be mindful of the noise that they are making within library spaces. There is designated space on level two that has been allocated to  silent study as well as a number of individual study rooms on level two. I have checked the power points in this location and they are all operational.

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