Tuesday, April 17, 2012


From the Suggestion Box

A range of suggestions about furniture in the new learning commons:
  • For the tables at the new wing, the stools hurt our backs and it would be awesome if you could have the computer chairs there instead :) 
  • Hi there, just a quick suggestion about the new area. Its an awesome set-up, but the lap-top tables towards the entrance of the library need more office style chairs, because the current stools are uncomfortable and hardly conducive for long hours of study. Thanks :)
  • I's prefer a chair with a back and wheels for the central are with the white table on the ground floor. Thanks!
  • hello, I usually sit in the area with no computers near the exit on the long white bench with power points. It would be really great if better seating was provided in that area such as lazy boys :P or even the comfy chairs with wheels. thank you very much 

 Library Response

Thank you for talking the time to provide the library with feedback. In relation to the seating in the new library space there are a number of seating options depending on your requirements and your preference. Many students use the area for short periods of time while others need to use it for extended periods. A variety of seating has been provided so that students can select their preferred option. If you are finding that the stools are not suitable to your needs, then some of the other seating, including the ergonomic chairs, may be more suitable.

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