Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding ejournals

From the Suggestion Box: 

Your new search engine on the library home page is hopeless. If I search for a journal title to try to find a specific issue online, you get dozens of results. From those results, there isn't an intuitive easy way to see which ones are electronic and the volume you are interested in. It just took me 10 minutes to locate an article that would have taken me 2 minutes with the old search engine (with the option to search ejournals only). Try it for yourself - see if you can find this article using the new search system! Janzen, D.H. 1976. American Naturalist 110:371-400.

 Library Response:
The best way to find a specific article from a journal title using One Search is to use the advanced search feature. From there you can enter the author surname, title of journal and year of publication and come up with the one match.

Also you can get to the ejournals link easily by clicking the Journal Articles link from the Library homepage. This may not have been the case in early February when the new site was launched but has been updated due to client feedback.

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