Thursday, October 27, 2011

Noise in Mabo Library

From the Suggestion Box

Could the students study in the library for the exams at Townsville's library? NO, the construction workers are most annoying and significant impact on our studies through the examination period. Recently, lot of explosion, hammering, drilling and triggering off fire alarms does influence the students' study in the library. IT IS VERY HIGHLY recommended to stop the construction workers starting from next week until the exam finishes. There are no way for those students can study like this in most annoying environment. Please re-advise this issue to the project managers. It is more important for the students to study under 3-4 weeks than getting the library done in small time.

Library Response

We apologise for the disruptions to the study environment. It is not possible to suspend all building works during the exam period but we will remind the builders that students are using the building to study for exams and to minimise disruptive noise wherever possible.

You are encouraged to use areas of the buildings where the noise may be less disruptive including the 2nd or top floor and the western side of the building.

Best wishes for your exams.