Thursday, October 7, 2010

Opening Hours

From the Library Suggestion Box:

It would be helpful if you were open to 9.00pm every night of the week while there are problems for Student who live interstate and who are having problems logging into various JCU sites such as JCU ONLINE !


The library should have longer opening hours during the block mode period for students who are studying intensives

Library Response:

During semester the Mabo Library is open 82 hours per week including to 10:30 pm Monday to Thursday and 10 am to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays. In 2011 we will open the 24 hour Information Commons, providing students with a convenient, and attractive study space with computers, casual and group seating, copying and printing equipment, food and drink vending machines and student lockers for short term storage of laptops, etc. For more information go to

Alternative Return Boxes and Phone Queues

From the Library Suggestion Box:

1. It would be very helpful if the library would consider having some alternative book return sites in Cairns. The campus being on the north side isn't easily accessible to those on the Southside. It's not always easy to get to the campus so having a few sites around the place would help library users and might mean you get your books back on time or sooner more frequently. I know the City Council has a library at Smithfield and allows you to return books borrowed from any library in the Council network to any other library within the network. Therefore a Council courier vehicle must be going within cooee of the JCU library. Why not start a partnership with them and tap into this already existing service.

2. I recently attempted to call the library to renew my books. The line was occupied when I called. I got a message telling me this and then got told the library opening hours... and then got cut off. I thought it would be far more user friendly if there was an option to wait on hold rather than just get cut off. I wouldn't have thought most other professional organisations would be able to get away with just cutting their customers off. Thanks otherwise have appreciated the services provided by the library staff and the range of books has been very helpful.

Library Response:

Thank you for your suggestions.

It is unlikely that the Library will be able to provide additional book return sites off the campus in the near future. Every year we work to provide optimal services to our clients within existing budgets. Any proposed new initiatives are carefully evaluated to determine value for money; and to assess the maximum benefit provided to the greatest number of Library clients. Consequently we are not in a position to allocate the resources necessary to provide alternative book return sites on the south side of Cairns. The current ‘book return’ chutes in the Library building are accessible to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A number of the Library phone services include the option for callers to leave a message if staff are busy with other clients. However this is not currently implemented at the Library Services Desk phone. The option for clients to wait 'on hold' for an available staff member during our opening hours is certainly worth investigating. The suggestion has been passed on to the Library Manager to determine if is technically possible and cost effective to implement within the existing JCU phone system.