Thursday, July 30, 2009


From the Library Suggestion Box:

Just starting an ENDNOTE WORKSHOP and i went to print off the old tutorial but it had VANISHED... I later found out that endnote is under resources and not training, and its not under E in the A-Z section. HELP please can you please make a list for ENDNOTE so its intuitively easy to locate? many thanks.

Library Response:

Your message highlights an unfortunate confluence of factors. The current library web site is a translation of the previous library site’s ‘information architecture’ squeezed into the constraints of the University’s web Content Management System’s rules. Restrictions were placed on the number of links we could have on the home page (there are very good design rules for this) and we had to force the numerous links we formerly used to have into four ‘super categories’. In addition the A-Z list is unable to list ‘index’ pages, like the Endnote home page, due to the way the CMS operates. Endnote could arguably sit under all four of our super categories, but design methodologies recommend against this, as you end up with every link under every heading effectively burying everything by overwhelming the user’s ability to parse the information presented.

Of course none of this helps you find Endnote on our site. In the short term we have made the changes necessary to have Endnote’s ‘about’ page listed in the A-Z which has links to the whole Endnote site. In the longer term are we are about to start a formal evaluation of the site with a view to redesigning it to overcome these issues. We will be consulting widely with our clients during the evaluation, the new design and the new design’s implementation and we encourage all our users send us the problems and successes they have had using the site.

Thank you for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback.

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