Monday, June 15, 2009

Computer Availability

From the Library Suggestion Box:

I saw the post from April about the lack of reliability of campus computers. It is now June and this issue still has not been resolved. It is not uncommon for me to try to log onto 3 or 4 computers in both the library and building 17 before I find one that works. When can we expect a lasting solution to this problem?

Library Response:
IT&R have been investigating Vista related issues since March this year. Unfortunately they have had to await the release of SP2 for Vista from Microsoft.

This has been released in the past couple of weeks and IT&R have now updated the image with this service pack. The imaging process across Townsville and Cairns campuses is nearly complete and will be monitored to ensure that Vista functions as expected. This task will be ongoing across the semester break to ensure that we have reliable services returned for start of semester two.

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