Thursday, April 30, 2009

Computer Availability

From the Library Suggestion Box:
On Wednesday the 29th there were no computers available in the library. Numerous computers were not working. This is three days after the problems over the weekend and at a time that many students are trying to put in assignments. More resources need to be put to this important area, Stress levels are elevated and this affects learning.

Library Response:

We are aware there is an issue with PCs and Vista. We are investigating a solution but for now we can only keep on top of the problem by re-imaging as we become aware of a PCs exhibiting symptoms. We take action on those as soon as we become aware of them. This situation was aggravated by the unscheduled power outage on Sunday 26 April. We have now instigated a procedure whereby checks are performed each week-day morning and suspected problematic PCs are visited and repaired. This does not mean we can get to all PCs are some may fail subsequent to the morning process. If too many resources are offline by the close of business we will be carrying out the same procedure at that time as well. We can offer the alternative sites of DA10-001, DA2-104 and DG258-008 (Mac labs) as Macs are not suffering with this issue and these labs are only lightly booked (DA10-001 is not booked at all but also has 2 PCs in it).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 Day Loan Late Return Fees

From the Suggestion Box:

Fines need to be reviewed. $10 fine for overdue 2-day loan items when no one has requested the item is over the top. Fines should only be issued if the item has been requested.

Library Response:

All overdue library items attract fines. 2 Day loans in particular are usually high use textbooks and need to be returned on time to enable fair use. It is possible to renew loans, including 2 day loans, online if they have not been requested before the due date. Otherwise it is necessary they be returned on time.

Check out this link for more information on fees and penalties.