Thursday, November 6, 2008

Noise in the Library

From the suggestion box:

I like the JCU Cairns campus library a lot. However, it seems as though there has recently been an decrease in literacy amongst the student population here. People seem to be unable to read the 500+ signs that are put directly in their faces which read "no mobile phones" and "no talking", proceeding to walk around the library talking loudly on their mobile phones! It is infuriating, especially during exam time. The worst area is the stairs - it's a commonly assumed by a lot of people that you cannot be heard in the stairwell. In fact, the stairwell acts to amplify all conversation, distracting everyone sitting near it (notably the second floor computer cubes). Both myself and other students are getting sick of telling these people to be quiet! I think something else needs to be done.

Library response:

Thank you for you comments. In response, we have placed signage in the stairs leading to the top floor. We hope your fellow students take heed and remember to be quiet. If noise continues to be an issue on Level 2 in the Cairns Library, please go to the staff on the Infohelp desk on level 1 for assistance.

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