Monday, September 8, 2008

Noise in the Library

From the suggestion box:

Could somebody PLEASE monitor and enforce regulations on noise in the library? People seem to be allowed to greatly disturb other students by freely holding loud conversations and phone calls. I would like to see the library able to be used as a place of study and research, and far less as a social venue.

Library response:

The library endeavours to provide quiet study spaces for students. The Eddie Koiki Mabo Library (Townsville) has a TOTAL SILENCE ZONE along the southern wall on the top floor of the building. This zone has been established for those students who want absolute silence while studying.
  • Conditions of access for these areas are: No mobile phones; No children.
Other areas in the Library are for group study and quiet conversation, including the Eastern and Western discussion rooms on the top floor and the "Coffee Friendly Zone" located on the ground floor adjacent to Copying Services. All areas are clearly marked on the Library floor plans.

It is very difficult for library staff to constantly monitor all areas of the library, so we ask that students are courteous, considerate and use their common sense while in the Library. Library staff will deal with specific complaints of noise or inappropriate use of the library in accordance to library policies.

This is an issue that we hope to address better with the redevelopment of the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library.

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