Thursday, September 11, 2008


From the Suggestion Box:
I love the JCU Cairns library, it's great.  I have one small request:  Is there any way to improve the lighting on the top floor desks?  They aren't so well lit... I know other libraries have desks with lamps on them, which are usually easier on the eyes for reading.  It gets hard to read at night, especially at the computer desks.  Thank you.
Library Response:
Thank you for the positive feedback. There are currently a number of light globes requiring replacement above the computer desks on the top floor of the Library Building in Cairns. We have asked the Facilities Management staff to replace the globes as a matter of urgency. This should resolve the issue and improve the lighting in that area of the building. However Library staff will continue to monitor the situation, and investigate alternative solutions if necessary.

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