Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google Chrome Browser

From the suggestion box:

Hi, I just wanted to suggest that it might be a good option to install the new Google Chrome Browser in the computers as it seems to have good security and more speed. Thanks

Library response:

IT&R provides three choices for students when it comes to web browsers in our General Access and Teaching Labs. Students are free to choose from either: Internet Explorer (PC only), Firefox (PC or Mac) or Safari (Mac only). We believe that the three currently available browsers are sufficient to meet the needs and demands of the student population and there are no plans at this stage to increase that number.

Google Chrome Browser is a very new product and the IT community have already discovered and exploited security vulnerabilities in its design. There are also some architectural problems with the software that the developers will need to address and overcome before JCU even considers it safe and suitable for inclusion in our GATCF desktop image.

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