Tuesday, April 15, 2008


From the suggestion box:

Is there a reason that there is not a copy of the pescribed textbook for each subject offered at JCU in the reserve section of the library. Many students find the cost of textbooks probibitive and access to the two day borrowing is hit and miss if the book is needed for weekly readings. If this is not an issue that the library can address can it be put to student welfare depatrments such as student equity to address. Thankyou

Library Response:

The Library receives a booklist from the Bookshop at the beginning of the year listing all the prescribed and recommended texts which are then purchased. These are placed on a 2 day loan to allow high turnaround of these texts. Multiple copies are purchased depending on the class numbers and the campus where it is taught. If there is not a copy of a particular prescribed text can you please let the Library so it can be ordered.

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