Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reserve Online

From the suggestion box:

Is it possible to set up a time limit for how long you can have "reserve online" documents open for? I have been experiencing a lot of frustration in opening required reading files as only one person at a time can have a particular file open due to copyright regulations. Realistically, one person only needs access to the document for a minute or two (not even that long!) to download the file to a memory stick, pc, or JCU i-drive. If a time limit was set - that automatically closed the document - this would allow greater access to a greater number of students in a shorter amount of time.

Library Response:

It is not true that only one person can open a copy of a file on reserve online. Many people can open the same file, it is only if someone tries to open another chapter from the same book that the copyright management system kicks in.

Also you may occasionally experience problems when using the Firefox browser with Reserve Online, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer.

Please contact InfoHelp with the particular file (subject code and title) to investigate further if you continue to experience problems.

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